J. B. Lethbridge

The Manchester Spenser. General Editor: J.B. Lethbridge

The Manchester Spenser is a monograph and text series devoted to historical and textual approaches to Spenser, his life, his times, his places, his works and his contemporaries.

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  • Richard Danson Brown and J.B. Lethbridge:
    A Concordance to the Rhymes of The Faerie Queene. With Two Studies of Spenser's Rhyme.
  • Kathryn Walls: God's only daughter.
    Spenser's Una as the Invisible Church.
  • C.M. Armitage (ed.): Literary and Visual Ralegh.
  • Eric Klingelhofer: Castles and Colonists.
    An Archaeology of Elizabethan Ireland.
  • Jane Grogan (Ed.): Celebrating Mutabilitie.
    Essays on Edmund Spenser's Mutabilitie Cantos
  • Victor Skretkowicz: European Erotic Romance. Philhellene Protestantism, Renaissance Translation and English Literary Politics
  • J. B. Lethbridge: Shakespeare and Spenser: Attractive opposites.