J. B. Lethbridge

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Selected invited lectures, plenaries and conference papers

`A Disputation: Andrew Hadfield and J.B. Lethbridge´. Plenary. International Spenser Society Conference. Dublin. June, 2015
`Rhetoric, Metre and Focalisation in The Faerie Queene. Focus Panel. International Spenser Society Conference. Dublin. June, 2015
`Lowly cousin: typing the codex and the limitations of digital humanities´. Digital Humanities Symposium. ECU, NC. March, 2015
`Raleigh and Descartes: How far was Raleigh a Cartesian?´ South Central Renaissance Conference. Ralegh, NC. March, 2015
`Knowledge as Exposition becoming Knowledge as Proof: Anselm, Dante, Spenser, Descartes, Milton, Pope´. Epic Knowledge Conference. Centre for Advanced Studies, LMU, Munich. November, 2014
`Raleigh's History of the World´. 400th Anniversary of Raleigh's History of the World. Chapel Hill, NC. April, 2014
`Narratology and The Faerie Queene´ RSA. New York. March, 2014
‘Res and Verba in John Donne’, MLA (John Donne Society). Chicago. January, 2014
`What if I.A. Richards had read Pope rather than Donne? Edmund Spenser Collides with Nine Decades of Criticism.´ SEARCH Research Institute, University of Strasbourg, June 2013
The Speaking of Dramatic Verse in Shakespeare’s Day. English Department, Freiburg, March, 2013
Selfishness and the Limitations of Analytical Philosophy: Philosophical Exposition. Jadavpur University, Kolkata, 2012
Literature, Theology, Philosophy and Knowledge: fides quaerens intellectum [Theological Epistemology], Harendralal Basak Memorial Lecture, Presidency University, Kolkata, September, 2012
The Problem of Selflessness: If Socrates, Jesus and Gandhi are not Virtuous, What is Philosophy Doing? Philosophy, Aberdeen, March, 2010
Theology as Handmaiden to Philosophy: Dogmatic Philosophy and the Theological Tradition. Systematic Theology, Aberdeen, March, 2010
Book I of The Faerie Queene. Guest Lecture, Aberdeen (March, 2010) The Poetry of The Faerie Queene. English Department, Aberdeen, March, 2010
The Problem of Mediaeval Romance. English Department, Aberdeen, March, 2010
The Place of the Humanities in the University: The Problems of History, Theology, Philosophy and Criticism, four public lectures, Aberdeen, March, 2010
Spenser Without Allegory, Celebrating Mutability, Conference Kilkenny, May, 2009. Plenary Talk
Raleigh in Ireland: A Forschungsbericht, Raleigh Research Circle, London, January, 2009
Spenser’s Formulaic Constructions, Kalamazoo, May, 2008
Ireland and the New English in The Faerie Queene, South Central Renaissance Conference, Kansas City, March, 2008
The Function of the Humanities at the Present Moment, four public lectures (sponsored by the Classics Department and the Dean’s Office), East Carolina University, 2008
Genre Matters: Defining Romance. Romance: A Conference Honouring Victor Skretkowicz, Dundee, 2007. Plenary Talk