J. B. Lethbridge

Some few papers are online at: Academia.

Most Recent

"A Cartesian Renaissance", a review essay (16,000 words) in The Spenser Review Online at: The Spenser Review.


Spenser in the Moment. Fairleigh Dickinson Press, 2015 (Edited with Paul Hecht)
‘The Bondage of Rhyme in The Faerie Queene: “Moderate this Ornament of Rhyme”’ pp. 76–180. in Concordance of Rhymes in The Faerie Queene, with two monographs on Spenser’s rhyme (with Richard Danson Brown), The Manchester Spenser Series (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2013), pp. xx + 563
Spenser and Shakespeare ed. J.B. Lethbridge The Manchester Spenser Series (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2008)
Edmund Spenser: New and Renewed Directions ed. J.B. Lethbridge (Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2006)

Books and Papers in Progress

The Countess of Pembrooke’s Arcadia, (ed. Victor Skretkowicz) 2nd Edition, The Manchester Spenser(Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2015)
“Romance: The Problem of Definition”
“Formulaic Expressions in The Faerie Queene”

Edited Volumes forthcoming in The Manchester Spenser

Partial Edition and Commentary on The Burley Manuscript (700 pages)
Anthology of English Renaissance Pastoral, ed. Sukanta Chaudhuri (Jadavpur), two volumes, 650 and 350 pages
Edition of Copley, Fig for Fortune, Susannah Brietz Monta (Notre Dame), 200 pages
Spenser Illustrations in the Eighteenth Century Sandro Jung (Bruges)
Spenser and Sermons, Margaret Christian (Penn State)

Selected Articles

`The Poetry of The Faerie Queene´. In Spenser in the Moment. Ed Paul Hecht and J.B. Lethbridge. Fairleigh Dickinson Press, 2015
‘Introduction’ to Literary and Visual Ralegh. Ed., Christopher Armitage. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2013 (With Christopher Armitage and Thomas Herron)
“Spenser, Marlowe, Shakespeare: Methodological Investigations”, in Shakespeare and Spenser: Attractive Opposites, ed. J.B. Lethbridge (The Manchester Spenser, Manchester University Press, 2008), 1–53
“Recuperating the Return to History”, in Edmund Spenser: New and Renewed Directions (Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2006), 15-57
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Numerous reviews in, e.g., Sixteenth Century Studies, Spenser Newsletter, Spenser Review, Modern Language Review, Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, Kriticon Litterarum, on: Literary Criticism, American Literature, Welsh Literature and Culture, Edmund Spenser, Renaissance Historiography, Winston Churchill, J.R.R. Tolkien, Homer, Ovid, inter alia.
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Selected invited lectures, plenary papers

‘Res and Verba in John Donne’, MLA (John Donne Society). Chicago. January, 2014
“What if I.A. Richards had read Pope rather than Donne? Edmund Spenser Collides with Nine Decades of Criticism.” SEARCH Research Institute, University of Strasbourg, June 2013
The Speaking of Dramatic Verse in Shakespeare’s Day. English Department, Freiburg, March, 2013
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